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There is a HUGE difference between believing and knowing.

I do find many teachers use the words interchangeably. Now my teaching is no longer Knowing vs. Believing, but “What part of you is doing the KNOWING?” 

Today is a deep teaching, and not for the faint of heart (pun totally intended). If you don’t get this, no worries. If you WANT to and need help, just email me. This is jet fuel for your life.

Let’s do some good work 🙂


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I can only tell you the truth, I can’t make you believe it.



Today’s TRAINING: Why You Don’t Act On What You Know

Knowing vs. Believing

There is a difference between believing and knowing.

Many teachers use the words in different ways, often with knowing being superior to believing. I use it the other way around. Here’s my teaching.

Knowing of the Head:

This is your mind’s knowledge and the ego is involved. Think, you “know math” or “know how to cook.”

Knowing of the Heart = Believing:
 (can also be called wisdom, inspiration, intuition or faith)

The Heart is connected to Source and is your link to your higher self. Think, you “believe children are innocent” or “believe sunsets are beautiful.”

The “Battle” Is For The Free Agent, The Subconscious.

The subconscious is the home of EXECUTION, where all of your programming lives. It carries out it’s Commander’s orders without question. It follows patterns and runs things on a continuous loop. It does not KNOW anything or BELIEVE anything, so it can EXECUTE anything, good or bad, fearlessly. Think, perfect soldier.

There is only knowing. Either the mind knows or the heart knows, but the EFFECT of those knowings are vastly different!

When the heart knows, the effect is Believing and it leads to receiving.

When the mind knows, the effect is controlling or questioning, doubting and seeking evidence. These all lead to taking and controlling but NOT receiving.

When your subconscious is aligned with what your heart knows, you act in full faith and without crippling fear.
 You act out of love and are perceived as inspired.

When your subconscious is taking it’s directions from your mind, it requires evidence and proof continually so it starts, stops, doubts, wonders, starts again, stops again.


Hearts Cannot Lie (But Your Subconscious Kinda Can!)

I have a friendly debate with a friend of mine about the heart, subconscious and the mind. He says that the heart can lie. I think it’s a wording issue. Today, I am finally able to bring through what MY heart knows of this matter.

The heart is connected to Source energy and therefore cannot lie. The heart knows what it knows – the question is can you allow what your heart knows? When you are allowing what your heart knows, you are believing.

Lots of ancient texts will use the word “heart” for the word “subconscious”, watch out for that. For example, the biblical quote that ‘out of your heart, comes the issues of your life.’  That is saying, out of your programming come your life’s events. Clearer now.

The subconscious accepts all programming.
 If it is slaved to the mind, then it will accept, allow and execute programming that is consistent with fear. This subconscious would be the servant of the ego, which leads it to replicate, support and ignore lies and fear the truth (exposure).  

“I Know It With My Head, But Don’t Believe It Yet…”

Very common issue I hear when I’m coaching Alphas is: I know something with my head, but I just can’t get it into my heart. I know it but I don’t believe it yet. 

Here is the truth even though it’s a little harder to understand. That statement is not accurate. Why?

You are not trying to get knowledge down from your mind into your heart.
 The heart is connected to Source energy, all that is. It actually already HAS all the knowledge that you’re seeking.

You are actually trying to get heart knowledge UP from your heart, into your head! The head acts like a fairly aggressive sentry, blocking access to the subconscious so it can maintain it’s dictatorship.  IF the head agrees, it just unlocks the door and passes the programming on down. Bam, it gets executed.

If the head disagrees, it makes it very, very hard for you to rewrite the program
 it has the subconscious running.

We have all been trying to do this the wrong way! (Me included. I discovered this less than 2 years ago!)

What If Your HEART Hel
d All The Answers?

Play with this idea – imagine that your heart actually has access to whatever answer it is you’re seeking.

 that were true, you wouldn’t be trying to convince your heart of anything! You would actually be attempting to allow in what the heart already knows, instead of trying to convince the heart of something that YOU know. Instead of PUSHING, you’d be PULLING.

Haven’t you always read those annoying clichés about, everything you need is already inside of you??

Well fudge, that was true. 

Think for a moment, there are times in your life where you have just known things that you just couldn’t KNOW. That was a moment when you tapped into your heart’s knowledge. Basically, your heart has DSL to infinite wisdom and your mind has dial up with a 1200 baud modem. 

Believing Is About RECEIVING From Your Heart

Believing is about relaxing into the idea that you don’t have to fight to get the answer. It’s about trusting that if your heart knows something is so, you don’t actually need to see evidence of it to safely agree with it.

I love Dr. Wayne Dyer. And he taught so clearly in his book, “You’ll See It When You Believe It.”  Again, this great teacher noticed that we had it backwards!

It is your mind that says, I’ll believe it when (after) I see it. But the laws of creation and energy and dominion, say, you’ll see it once (after) you have first believed it. By your faith it is done unto you.

I am telling you today that the believing that you are to be doing is the allowing/receiving of the information that your heart already has access to

When I go to write these trainings for you, in the beginning I thought of myself as creating them. That was harder. I now understand that I more accurately transcribe them, because I receive them from my heart. Waaayyy easier.

Alphas struggle with control issues because we really want to “KNOW” how to do it, when to do it and why to do it. That desire for control makes accessing your heart’s knowledge difficult because you need to be in a RECEIVING mode to “get” from your heart. It gives, you receive.

It’s like Alphas go to the pump to get water, but we don’t bring a bucket! We come to the pump and we stare at it and simply demand and command water but we aren’t prepared to receive it! 

Can you “open your heart” to receive your heart’s knowing without the world’s evidence?

All that which we are now seeing, came from nothing which is seen. 

Deep? Yes. Important? Immensely. 

When you know with your heart – you are believing.
 That believing requires no evidence, because it’s source is Infinite wisdom. That believing is the basis of faith. 

(There simply is nothing better than the moment where I stop resisting being up late and let myself sink into a place of gratitude to be receiving what I’msupposed to teach. When I drop control, I can receive and “allow” in a discovery to share.)

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The easiest way to tell what you believe is the watch what you DO. You invariably behave consistent with what you BELIEVE, not what you KNOW (with your head). Teenagers KNOW drinking and driving is dangerous but do they believe that? Clearly, they do NOT. Check yourself. Do you know X or BELIEVE X? Just telling yourself the truth about what you discover puts you on the right path.



When your heart and mind agree, I think of it as a different interpretation of the bible saying, “where two of YOU agree”. Where the two of you, heart AND mind agree, it is done because at that point there is no longer any resistance. Some folks call that alignment. 

It is not a daily experience but you can improve your life greatly by always seeking to tell yourself the truth about where your mind is on an issue and where you heart is. When they are divided, the “house cannot stand.” If you spent one month, 30 days, opening to receive your heart’s knowing on something before trying to undertake actions on it, you would find that when you acted, it was much easier.

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