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What is an Alpha Woman Entrepreneur?

YOU, Silly.

What’s Frustrating You MOST Right Now?



Alphas struggle in their relationships with Family, Friends and especially our Mates. What make us good at business is bad for marriages & love. We can fix that. Get your Relationship Overview Here.

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Alphas love a challenge! We excel as entrepreneurs but get stuck in predictable places. Get unstuck. You can learn focus, follow through & balance. Get your Business Overview Here.

Help Me With This

Most Alphas operate at a FRACTION of our potential. You are better, smarter, stronger (and usually prettier), but nowhere NEAR your own potential. Learn why. Get your Potential Overview Here.

Help Me With This

I’m An Alpha!

Alpha Strengths & Traits

We make things work. We can mediate, judge and execute. We have crazy energy. We see opportunities quickly. We have a very small group of fierce friends, normally other Alphas. When we were younger, we didn’t like other women (and they didn’t like us!). We are smart. We feel our emotions intensely.

We are the extremes – joy, love, anger, frustration. Telling us we can’t do it, just makes “it” sexier. We protect – we are Grizzly Mamas. We naturally take control of…everything. We like to work our bodies.

We like ourselves. We are handy. We have so many facets but people pigeon-hole us to the one they find useful. Our dad? Long story. We rescue. We have too many talents, so it’s hard to pick one. We would be unstoppable if we could get ourselves to continuously FOCUS on one plan. We like quality because we ARE quality. Our energy shifts other people. We are Alphas.

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Alpha Faults & Fears

We are aggressive by default. We push. We do not trust others easily (because they have a habit of screwing up what we would NOT screw up). Planning is our security blanket. And we like to “make sure” things are going according to our plan (read: we are control freaks ladies! Let that Freak flag FLY!). We spend a lot of time frustrated – because people don’t seem wired to do what they SAY they will do or should do and we pick up their slack. We want to be loved but aren’t very good at letting people help us.


We want a mate stronger than us, but don’t want to lose control or feel interfered with. We pick passive-aggressive men and then lose respect for this man we can control. We are a glorious, powerful mess than others can’t see. We feel like a fraud but can’t stop juggling all the balls. We are forces of nature & intimidate naturally. We are Alphas.

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Keep Going – We can SOO fix this…

Problems I Solve for Alphas

Roller Coaster Relationships

Divorce Indecision

Divorce Strategy

Stale Marriage -> Great

No Marketing Plan

Weak Business Strategy

Changing Careers

Troubled Kids & Stepkids

Dating Non-Alpha Men

Crappy Employees

Business Growth Problems

Your Parent Drama

Fluctuating Weight

Exhaustion & Overwhelm

Emotional Debris

Wiggly Cash Flow

No Life Purpose

Spiritual Disconnection

Distraction -> Focus

Commitment/Trust Issues

Out of Balance in Life

No Time for You

Have Any of These?

(It was a rhetorical question…)

My Clients Say…

I’m An Alpha!

Curious? Watch Some Tanya…

Beginning to feel that “GO FOR IT” Feeling???

(But your head wants you to think about it?)

What You Risk By Waiting…

Your marriage. Your business. Your health. Your kid’s future and sometimes their love. Your sleep. Your sex life. Your intuition. Your life’s purpose.


If you don’t change, NOTHING changes. (Take it from a 15+ year divorce lawyer, we need to get to work NOW.) Your ability to be on the beach when you want to.


You’ll spend that coaching money on something anyway & it won’t give you near the ROI.

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What You Gain By Risking?

A real marriage (this one or a new one). Visible health. Your kid’s trust and respect. Balance in your life.


Friends that give TO YOU. A sex life worth interrupting work for. Not just FINDING your purpose but getting to work on that sucker. Enough money so that’s never the reason you say NO to what you really want. (That includes beaches of course.) And the ability to handle whatever comes with grace & flow.


Oh. And my coaching is GUARANTEED. (No. No one else does that & Yes. It’s that solid.)

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Your Burning Questions

  • Where Do I Start?

    Go to the BEGIN Page. If you still need convincing, hop on my Alpha’s Weekly Coaching Newsletter. I do NOT convince folks. And I’ll teach you why your happiness depends on you letting that go too. If you want to change your life, I’d hurry. I only coach about a dozen Alphas privately at any one time. Ready? Click “Coach Me Now” and shoot me your application.

    Coach Me Now
  • What if I have divorce problems?

    Then you’ll be in good company! Divorce is unfortunately common for us Alphas. And I wrote the book on it. Literally. “The Smart Guide to Life After Divorce.” I can help you. Do NOT try to fix your stuff or “wait til you are in a better place”. Just jump in the water and swim towards me. I’ve got you.

  • Can I know all the details FIRST?

    Short Answer: No. Long Answer: NO. My Alphas often have Perfectionist tendencies wrapped in control freak. That is your ego trying to prevent growth and change by requiring you to know (i.e. control) everything. You will know more than enough to make a decision and you may still feel anywhere from terrified to slightly nauseous. Most Alphas can feel fear and push through it. I’ll help you with that.

  • What does all this cost?”

    $10,800 for one year of private coaching. What? You thought I’d hide it? Make you call? Nope. You’re an Alpha. I don’t chase clients and I respect you enough to not fear scaring off whoever is mine by letting you know the numbers. And Yes, that includes a GREAT discount for a single-payment, which I prefer (and require if you are borderline too willful to coach). Monthly is $997. What do you get? A LOT. My clients even still have access to my cell phone and can walkie-talkie me (unheard of). Why?

    Because I plan to love you like the mother NONE of us ever had. You will be Fierce, Fun & Feminine.

  • I’ve tried coaching and programs before…what if it doesn’t work?

    Of course those didn’t work. Two things were missing: 1) All in commitment. 2) You were not being coached by an Alpha Balance CoachTM. I’m trademarking my process of coaching Alphas because I’ve cracked the code. You can’t coach with weaker people, you disregard them. Men you argue with. Me?

    I’m strong enough that you will respect me, stop pushing me and when you surrender and let me lead you, there is almost nowhere we cannot go. Secret? You will trust me (follow me) because I love you and understand you, because I WAS YOU. Saving Alphas is now my life’s work.


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