[No Regrets] Two Words That Kill Dreams…__________ Timing

Two Words That Kill Dreams…Perfect Timing


Yep. You got it. Perfect Timing.



The perfect home for you and your family comes on the market. You KNOW it’ll go fast. But you don’t act…Why? The timing isn’t perfect.

17 years ago the guy you SHOULD’VE married saw you out, was totally struck by you and you know what?  He didn’t say anything. He decided he’d wait for his “perfect moment” to make his move.

The book you DIDN’T write, the sale you DIDN’T close, the camp for girls you HAVEN’T led…

The timing was wrong. Or was it?

Honesty check. Just you and me here. Didn’t some of the most amazing things in your life kind of come out of nowhere? Didn’t the BIG things just happen and you took a deep breath and moved things around to make room??

You think “I’m not ready” until one day the stick turns blue and then…then you decide to be ready and you ARE.

We don’t like this truth. It reminds us that we are not in control of things the way we WANT to be.

Most of the most important things in your life were not “scheduled”, “planned” or “lined up” by you.

What does that mean?

It means the quote I used from Richard Branson that I’ll use here again:

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!”

― Richard Branson

So many of us are wired to say NO first, wired to say Maybe (there is no Hell Maybe), wired to say “Let me think about it” when we already KNOW what we want.

The reason all sports teams have coaches and companies have advisors and anyone doing something where their SUCCESS is important has someone PUSHING them is because in general, you will say NO unless  

EVERYTHING is absolutely perfect.


Perfect Timing. Ready Money. Happy Mood. Nearby Location. Family agrees. Easy to do.


IS THAT YOUR REQUIREMENT LIST? Is THAT what you are demanding be given to you, so YOU can take a step towards being more and having more?


Newsflash: Ain’t. Gonna. Happen.


I’m inviting a handful of Alphas into group coaching, it starts in a little under a month.
And you know what? NONE of the Alphas 9 months from now, looking back on her better life  (looking back on the job you left that you hated, the marriage you ended that was killing you and the kids, the 15 lbs you released, the extra income you’ve added or the new feeling of “I’ve got this” instead of “what NOW?”) – NONE of them will say… I really should’ve waited for better timing.
90% of you who join will tell me you thought one or more of the following:
  • the timing is off,
  • the money is absent or a stretch,  
  • my husband was NOT on board in the beginning,
  • I was afraid I wouldn’t get results and
  • it scared me to begin knowing you wouldn’t let me coast (aka I’ll have to do the work)
and joined anyway!
You are an Alpha ready for the better life you talk about, so you can feel those fears and DO IT ANYWAY.
The difference between those who join and those who don’t will be visible and if you are reading these words thinking, crap, she is talking right to me – I am!


Regret is a crazy, awful feeling that can’t be fixed in the future. You fix regret by acting now.
Acting now under stressful timing, with stretched budgets and WITHOUT 12 people agreeing with you that you should do this coaching now (even though that other stuff you tried didn’t work out).
If you are feeling these words, reach out. I’ve got you.
I don’t know if you belong in Alpha Group Coaching (and I won’t let just anybody in! I’m setting my group up for SUCCESS). If you are invited, say YES and figure out how to make all the other things work.
Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the strength to OVERCOME it. To act ANYWAY.
Ask me if you are ready. Ask me your questions. Or tell me your reasons why it seems you can’t “right now” so I can show you how you can.

You can read about Alpha Group Coaching and what some other Alphas have to say HERE.

Nervous? That’s okay. God is teaching you to trust HIS timing, not your own. (I’ve got some good stories on THAT! Used to run on “Tanya Timing”. Results? Divorce. Miscarriage. Overweight. Unhappy. Struggle. Lesson LEARNED.)
There is a reason you are still reading this. Get more info here and then ask me your questions.  This is as good as the timing gets for this chance to change your life. Are you coming?







P.S. It is not that perfect timing doesn’t exist. It does. It is that perfect timing comes about AFTER you have gotten into action and momentum. Life conspires to help the ALREADY COMMITTED, not those considering commitment!








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