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[Goals] 4 Goals You Were Taught That DON’T WORK – #1 MONEY!

Are You Setting Your Goals for 2018?


There are 4 pretty serious goals that you have been taught to seek directly that don’t work energetically and spiritually.



Those BAD goals are Money, Love, Weight Loss and Success. (Yes those!)


This month we’re going to tackle all of them, starting this week with money!


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Money doesn’t work as a direct goal because money is always a byproduct of something else.


When you focus on money as the direct goal you’re not focusing on the thing that actually generates the money – you are mistakenly focusing on your NEED for or lack of money. That is BAD because your focusing on lack, has “lack” stay put and expand.


Let’s be practical, if you are reading this you have already HAD a money goal. How well did it work? I’ve worked with Alphas at all income levels – multi-millionaires to and including an Alpha that was unemployed for 17 years and just got a job during Alpha Group Coaching!


You have been TAUGHT to set a Money goal. To watch those numbers like a hawk and push and shove and engineer to reach it. Even if you HIT it, you are tired and wrinkled and worried. Why worried? You know what it took to GET the money, so it feeds your fear of how easy it is to LOSE IT.


Do you wonder why really wealthy people ALWAYS say they aren’t motivated by money? You thought that shifted AFTER they received their riches. Nope. Mostly it came BEFORE. They got passionate about SOMETHING. And their pursuant of that SOMETHING generated the byproduct of MONEY.


Do not go after Money as a primary or direct goal. It mostly does not work and when it does…? Well, I’ve been there, made multiple six figures and was NOT HAPPY. (Hint: I hadn’t pursued happiness, I’d gone after & gotten MONEY.)


Money is a bad goal to pursue directly. You actually want some feeling that you believe that money buys. THAT feeling is the real goal.


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In Joy,


Excited to do this series on Bad Goals! When I hit yours, raise your hand and fess up! Hit reply and tell me about it 😉 It’s good for you to shine a light on behaviors you are committing to change. These goals are ALL SABOTAGES!


If you ask me a question on Money as a goal, I’ll answer it on video Friday!


Tanya Stewart is “The Alpha Woman Coach” and began coaching strong women as a Divorce lawyer in her own high conflict law firm 20 years ago. She understands how Alpha women are wired and using her Master’s level Metaphysics background and Advanced Clinical Certification in Hypnotherapy, she brings rapid change from within. She is a speaker, published author and Mensa member whose coaching is recommended by the World-Famous Motivator, Les Brown, Best-Selling Love Coach Greg Baer and International Change Expert, Dr. Eldon Taylor. Her greatest credential is deep, daily joy, having finally separated struggle from success.

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[Commitment] My Word for 2018 is _______________

My Word for 2018 is INTENTIONAL…


Resolutions suck. They don’t work. They are pretty much like diets, everyone rushes in to begin them and then fall off, leaving you feeling WORSE than before you began.


What I said about resolutions last year is still good advice…I encouraged you in a 7 min video to ASK THIS SINGLE QUESTION INSTEAD.


Another great practice? Pick a word or two word phrase for your ENTIRE YEAR. My 2017 phrase was “Flexible Momentum”. I wore that thing out! And it served me very well.


My word this year is INTENTIONAL. My time, my health, my wealth, my purpose, my connections, my passion – all Intentional! I choose to be at CHOICE, creating my own results, for the entire year as much as possible.


Pick your WORD rather than your resolutions.

Your word can guide you in and through everything

you are doing for the entire year.



Part of me being Intentional is changing my publishing schedule. This year you will see one weekly coaching post from me on Wednesdays 🙂


I am re-distributing my time to suit my goals!


I am also finishing the Online Alpha Success Course this month! It is the Crash Course to Clarity & Confidence. You need that right?? It is 8 weeks long, designed just for you, to really move you from where ever you start toward your success. The investment is $597, a fraction of private coaching. 


I have some Alphas that are looking to start in February as the first class. They will get extra special treatment. AND my stuff has a satisfaction guarantee so you never risk your money.

If you are INTENDING for 2018 to do better, this could be a good way to start.

Resolutions? No. Word for the year? Yes.


Want help in your budget? Ask me about the Online Alpha Success Course: Crash Course to Clarity & Confidence. 8 weeks, online plus you get a private Facebook group to send me your homework and get feedback.


I Show
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[REPLAY INSIDE] Watch the “Dear Alpha” LIVE Call

Last night’s “Dear Alpha… Get Me Unstuck Call” was Fantastic!”

Happy New Year Alpha!

Yesterday, I did a LIVE call called “”Our Dear Alpha… Get Me Unstuck Call” and it was AMAZING!!!

Did you miss it?

Yes, I know it’s busy with all the holiday obligations, shopping and even cooking.

I’ve got you. I really want you to be ready to tackle January 2018! No problem! I’ve got a replay for you here and it will be up for the rest of the week.

Find a quiet time to watch the video and take notes. Be old fashioned and get a pen and paper ready because one or two of the questions I answered will help you too!

Hit the Play button on the photo below! It’s 90 mins of CONTENT!

SOME of What We ANSWERED on “Dear Alpha…”!

—Victims and Responsibility
Can’t Get the “Right” Job
—Money Problems
Struggling to Get Healthy
—Deep Dive Into – Trading Your Work for Love & Happiness, Getting Clear on How to “Get Clear”, Roller Coastering
Steps to Begin Making $250K This Year

Wishing you a fruitful New Year in 2018, 

If you already know you want to explore how coaching works, I have opened up my calendar for some 20 minutes “Spot Your Block” sessions at and then you will be able to pick a few time options for us to connect.


Alpha Group Coaching or our Online “Alpha Success Course: The Crash Course to Clarity & Confidence” is 8 weeks and less than you think!


I Show
 Alpha Women Entrepreneurs How to Stop Struggling in Your 
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[Best of] Top 10 Posts of 2017- What did You MISS?

Top 10 Posts of 2017 – What did You MISS?

Here are the top 10 blog posts of 2017! Oh my gosh, it was hard to pick. 
  1. The 18 Words You Want After ____ Hits the Fan
  2. One Path to Happiness (Or How I Got Off Drugs)
  3. Productive Delay – The Safest Way to Fail
  4. Are You “Purse Ready”?
  5. Goals are WORTHLESS If You Can’t Stop SETTLING + A Surprise!
  6. Are You An “Either Or” Person?
  7. [Sabotage] NEVER Start at the Beginning
  8. Overwhelm & Capacity – What You NEED to Know
  9. Voicemail #3 from Tanya – You Are Amazing
  10. [Goals] In Praise of Crutches

There are two ways to “do” the top 10 blog post list:

#1 Read them all. DO them all. Benders are GOOD for you sometimes!

#2 Pick 2 numbers between 1-10 “randomly” and Read THOSE. You may be surprised at how well this method works!


What if you’ve already read that post? Good. Read it again! You’ll either get something different or this time you’ll apply it easier. 

Want MORE?? Now it’s in ONE Place!

SADLY LOTS of goodness had to get left out of our list to get it down to just TEN. You have missed a LOT if you were new and joined me late in the year with the Alpha Woman Success Academy.

Help is here!
When you are in need of help or support or a boost or some direction here is where you go right now:

I have centralized 75 of my weekly videos, all of the voicemails AND available trainings right here for you!

Hundreds of coaching blogs are all there too, searchable. Go get what you NEED 😊

2017 is Wrapping Up Right Now.
How Did You Do?


Don’t miss out on the “Dear Alpha” call THIS Sunday.
New Year’s Eve at 2 pm EST. 



It’s pretty silly to have a question and not get my answer to it (remember Alphas are bad at asking for and RECEIVING help!). 

I’ll see you on Sunday! We’ll start your 2018 strong. Send your question now. Right now. Stop reading and type!

First, hit reply now and send in YOUR challenge. Or email it to me at

Second, let me know how the “random” number pick reading goes! Don’t cheat and read the titles, just pick the two numbers. 

Get on the “Dear Alpha…” Call

Topic: “Dear Alpha…” Get Me Unstuck Call

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I Show
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[Live Call] The “Dear Alpha” Call is NYE 2pm EST – Write Me NOW & Get Unstuck for 2018

“Dear Alpha…” is Waiting for YOUR Questions!

On NYE at 2pm EST I’ll be on Zoom (like Skype but better) live answering the questions you’ve sent me! 

Talk about turning Lemons into Lemonade.
 This idea was born of my decision to fix something I hadn’t broken and now I am EXCITED ABOUT IT! 

If you’ve got afternoon plans move them, if you can you’ll want to be on the call live.  

Hit reply right the hell now and send me YOUR issue.
Do not wait for more “clarity” on it. Do NOT think you have to refine it before you ask for help (we all get the urge to clean before the cleaning help arrives! I’ve
sooo done that). 

It’s a SABOTAGE PATTERN. You don’t wait to “feel better” BEFORE you go to the doctor to share your symptoms.Just type the story as best you can and feel free to start in the middle – don’t waste time trying to start in the beginning.

The best question I’ve gotten so far from “Y” is nearly a page long and I WILL help her (it’s juicy!!). 

Can you ask on the call? Maybe.
 Depends on how we are doing on time. First priority to those who made time to write to me!

What can you ask? Umm. What’s in your way?
 I’m excited to see where my Alphas are stuck, so bring it. Gauntlet officially
is thrown down. Will you accept my challenge to ask for help or will you keep reading free stuff and winging it??



“I have plenty of time to turn my life around on my own…”

— Said by NO ONE, EVER.

You’ll kick yourself if you miss it….

Topic: “Dear Alpha…” Get Me Unstuck Call

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2017 2:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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P.S. It’s not too late to send YOUR block! Email what’s holding you stuck to

I had a wonderful Christmas 🙂 I cooked and bake and played and movie binged…

I have been perfecting my intermittent fasting technique! Who LOST weight over Christmas while eating happily?? Let me know if you are curious about Alpha Group Coaching starting in the Spring!
The last group lost weight on top of making bonuses, supercharging marriages and getting clarity on their life!



I Show
 Alpha Women Entrepreneurs How to Stop Struggling in Your 
Relationships, Own Your Potential, Build Your Business and BALANCE IT ALL.



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